Seton Catholic School Vision Statement
The vision of Seton Catholic School is to provide a quality, Catholic Christian education that stimulates lifelong learning and nurtures responsible, productive citizens. The goal will be attained by developing an academically and spiritually enriching educational plan designed to foster individual needs through curriculum, instructional strategies, and assessment tools.

Seton Catholic School Philosophy
With Christ as our model, we believe in daily celebration of our Catholic Christian faith through liturgy and classroom prayer, responsiveness to one another’s needs, and service to others.
We believe that each person is unique and lovable, possessing individual strengths. We believe that education is a continuous process and that the learning program should meet the needs and abilities of each child. We recognize the importance of developing in each student a wholesome self-concept.
With the cooperation of teachers, parents, and the parish community, we strive to 

Through mutual communication, respect, and support, we endeavor to enhance the development of the full potential of each child. By infusing Gospel-values into the curriculum, we seek to instill lifelong decision-making skills into each child, encouraging them to be responsible for their own decisions and behavior. 
Seton Adopts new 
Wonders Reading Program
Seton Catholic School purchased the new reading series, Wonders, designed by McGraw-Hill. Teachers are able to access and utilize print and digital media during the course of instruction that will enable students to gain the necessary skills to become strong readers.