August 23, 2017--

My summer was spent reading and working with books--no surprise there!

Our Perma Bound order came in two months ago and the books are processed and ready to be checked out. The Iowa Children's Choice Awards collection is also ready. When a book is read, the reader will highlight it. All children who have read at least two of the books are eligible to vote on the favorite. Special thanks to Shannon Utoft and Becky Hellwig for donating books to replace or augment the most-read books in the collection. Also, Home & School deserve an extra thank you for the gift certificate! With that, I was able to purchase a much-needed light for the dark recesses of the book stacks, as well as five new crates for the bookcase up front. No more tripping over the too-long crates, kids!

Please remind your child when checking out books that they must treat them gently and put them in a place where they can find them to be returned. All materials--books, magazines, or movies--must be returned on time so the next person can check them out.


Students in the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades have reached voting age! No, not in the local or national political elections, but for their favorite book on the Iowa Children's Choice Awards list! From now until March, they will be reading from a list of seventeen books that are candidates for this prestigious award. They must have read at least two books on the list, but many have read a lot more! On Election Day--Date to be Announced, eligible readers will vote for their favorite books. The votes will be tabulated and the winner from Seton will join the winners from schools all over Iowa to pick one Best Book of the 2015-16 school year. I hope all the students will take part in this--besides being able to determine a winning book, there are other perks, such as a treat for the voters!


Library is open to classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this year. I hope your child is using the special place you helped him/her find to put library books when they are not being read--it really cuts down on forgotten/misplaced books!


We have had many books donated this year, and we love seeing them! Some we already have, and some we may not be able to use for one reason or another. If you are donating, please know that any books we cannot use will be shared with the teachers to augment their

classroom libraries. Overflow will eventually be offered for sale to the students so that we may purchase new books. Thanks!



The Third Grade Class has begun the Candy Cane Contest! I read The Legend of the Candy Cane by Lori Walburg, and afterwards the students guessed the number of candy canes in the jar. From now until Christmas break, each Third Grader who brings books and other library materials back gets a guess for that week. Hint: There are WAY fewer than there were candy corn!

And the winner was Peyton Buffington, who guessed the number EXACTLY!


February brought the Candy Heart Contest with the Fourth Grade. Jackson Tuller was the winner!

Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades are finishing their Iowa Children's Choice Awards books so that they can vote on their favorites on March 15. Their votes will be sent in to be tallied with all the other participating students in Iowa. The book that receives the most votes will receive the title of ICCA Book of the Year!